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This is a very skimmed down version of gentoo linux (pentoo kernel) that intents to start networking, an openSSH server, so you can login and chroot into your broken system.

The drive to make such a package compilation was that I have 2 servers without monitor and I sometimes break them after a system update. Like that I can boot from USB and rescue the system.

This project is still in a very early development stage. If you find bugs, please report them.

In case I made some licensing issues, let me know. I will immediately fix these issues.

System requirements
- i686
- at least 192MB of RAM
I checked the package on qemu and a VIA-EPIA PC

1) Installation
Unpack the image file and write it to a USB memory
eg: dd if=usb_img.img of=/dev/xxx
where xxx is supposed to be exchanged against the USB memory. (sdb etc)

2) Network configuration

Networking is configured by kernel command line (you need to edit syslinux.cfg)
Like that it is not necessary to have a monitor/ keyboard connected to the PC.


netip_eth0=dhcp  <- configure eth0 using dhcp

You can provide multiple interface configurations, however gateway cannot be overwritten.

3) Login

default root password is "rescue"