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I often need a qemu image for some quick test. However I got tired of having to go through setting up the virtual machine everytime. Here I offer a freshly build (latest or up to date) qemu image that works out of the box.
I have not changed any useflags of the stage3-image

What you get:
gentoo-sources (pre-configured image for the qemu-box)
sshd is activated by default

root password is set to 'toor' - please consider to change it
Any comments are welcome. If you need any kernel modules, let me know!
I will try to keep the image updated every month or so.


Download the image here (2017 02 05)

I also included 2 shell scripts.

  • Start the image
  • mount the image to /mnt/gentoo and chroot it -> can be usefull if you want to emerge large packages


2017 02 05:

- Fresh install, smaller image size 8G

2015 01 04:

- increase image size to 24G

- increase swap to 2G

- completely fresh install (not updated one)

2014 09 22:

- fix: missing acpid

- net.eth0 is activated during boot and configured as dhcp in /etc/conf.d/net

- prevent renaming eth0 to en0p2 or whatever - added net.ifnames=0 to lilo.conf

- remove annoying ext2/ext3 error during boot - added rootfstype=ext4 to lilo.conf

- system and kernel update

- vm_start script now uses qemu-system-i386 and -enable-kvm option

All versions:
2017 02 05
2015 01 04
2014 12 17
2014 09 22
2014 03 19
2014 02 20